Placemats Eid mubarak marmer (set van 6)
Placemats Eid mubarak marmer (set van 6)
Placemats Eid mubarak marmer (set van 6)
Placemats Eid mubarak marmer (set van 6)

Placemats Eid mubarak marmer (set van 6)

1 Reviews
€ 1,65

Make this Eid special with these exciting paper placemate with coloring page on the backside.

Perfect for Eid Parties and for kids!

Eid mubarak placemats (set van 6) - marmer
Add the Plates, Cups and party decor for a full coordinated Eid scheme!


  • Pack: 6
  • Size: 30x42 cm / 12x17 inch 
  • Made in Europe
  • Material: paper

1 Reviews

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