The Greatest Gift

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Are you looking for a booklet that your child -with the will of Allāh-

- make aware of the favors of Allah?
- teaches gratitude?
- makes him proud of his Islamic identity?
- learn Islamic principles in a playful way?
- would like to read with you again and again?

So many things, big and small,
Allah has given you/ em>
But what is the greatest gift,
that you received from your Lord?

In this booklet you will search for the answer to the question: "What is the greatest gift Allah has given you?"

We often take many things for granted while they are immense favorsn Allah. If we are guilty of this at all, what about our children? If they are not made aware of this, it will also have negative consequences for their Imaan at a later age.

As a parent, you need a method to make your child aware of all the favors without lecturing them.

Realizing Allah's favors is a life lesson for your child that he / she will reap the benefits of for the rest of his life. After all, not only in this world, but also for his / her Hereafter it will be beneficial. What could be better than a grateful child who lives consciously?

What you are looking for is the reading book "The greatest gift." This book will not only raise awareness, but also lift your child to a higher level in the field of spirituality. The playful rhyme in the book makes the text anything but boring. So don't wait any longer and order this book quickly!

Age: 4-8 years.
Format: A5
Number of pages: 35

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