Looking for Allah

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Islamic picture book 'in search of Allah'

Age: 4 - 10 years

Do you also have so many questions about Allah?

Do you ever wonder how great people know all these things about Allah?

Because no one has ever seen Allah.

Did you know that Allah tells us a lot about himself?

He does this with His Beautiful Names.

So when you read about these Names, you get to know Allah better.

Many of His Names are in the Qur'ān.

But the Qur'ān, when you are still a child, is difficult to understand.

That is why I wrote this booklet especially for you.

So that you learn a little more about Allah, but especially so that after reading this booklet, you want to learn even more about Him.

1 Reviews

Objectief beschreven
Zeer goed boek, duidelijk overzichtelijk en objectief geschreven. Wederom een goede publicatie van de IUR, voor betrouwbare kennis over de soennitische islam.

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